Computerized Wheel Balancer with Digital Signal Processor

Easy-to-use display panel

  • Balancing Input Display
  • Operations Placard
  • Wheel Dimension Entry
  • Soft Key Controls
  • Weight Placement Display

Spindle-Lok® Brake Feature

  • Foot pedal brake activates entry and storage of wheel data
  • Foot pedal locks spindle for easy tightening and loosening of wing nut

Split Spoke® & Split Weight Modes*

  • Offers multiple weight choices
  • Automatically locates the best out-of-sight position on custom wheels

Quick-Thread™ Auto-Clamping

  • Automatically takes up any unused spindle threads
  • Eliminates wing nut hand cranking

Automatic Double Dataset® Arms

  • Speed entry of wheel data and placement of weights while increasing accuracy and allowing more single-spin balances
  • Inner Dataset Arm determines exact weight placement